The highest level of assurance available for your financial statements is an audit. Audited financial statements are used to report to shareholders, bankers, creditors and government. To prepare and support your firm to be audit-ready, we will take a customized approach and tailor the engagement to meet your requirements

An audit engagement involves detailed analysis of a company’s financials as well as other techniques such as interviews and analysis which culminate in the accountant issuing an Auditors’ Report stating the opinion whether that the financial statements are in accordance with the standards as well as detailed analysis and disclosures in the notes section of the financial statements.

At Aktacs, we provide a thorough, independent and professional opinion on the fairness of the financial statements. At the same time, we can assist in evaluating the company’s system of internal control; conducting an inspection of documents, observing assets, making enquiries within and outside the company, and engaging in other auditing procedures, as required.

Throughout the audit process, we help identify opportunities for added efficiencies to the accounting systems while considering optimal results for the entire business.

At Aktacs, we take the time up front to listen and understand your business and the unique challenges you face. We provide a service team with the right knowledge and industry experience to address your audit, accounting or advisory needs.

A review engagement consists of an inquiry process followed by a discussion to establish evidence-based facts related to sources in the statements.

This type of financial statement is commonly issued as a result of requirements by lending institutions. A review engagement requires a higher level of involvement from the accountant as we must determine the plausibility of the statement. It is the accountant’s job to establish plausibility via discussions with the client and through the use of analytical procedures.

This engagement is the most basic of accounting services, the objective being to compile unaudited financial information into financial statements or reports based on the information clients supply to us.

Compilation Engagements are applicable when financial statements are needed for the exclusive use of the company or for income tax purposes.